Technical Services


These sessions are conducted to demonstrate the practical applications of an AB Mauri product, whether it is an exciting product or a new introduction. Aimed at our clients who are bakeries, restaurants, and food manufacturers, the demonstrations allow the participants to learn how a product or recipe works and trains them on a multitude of creative applications. Demonstrations are done by a team of chefs trained in the organisation and who have obtained the relevant NVQ Level 3 or 4 qualifications. The demonstrations are generally initiated by our sales team, according to the monthly business plan they formulate with our clients.

Technical Services Troubleshooting

Training for Start-up Bakeries

One of AB Mauri’s priorities is to assist aspiring bakers and new businesses to reach their ultimate potential with continuous development. Upon request, AB Mauri undertakes the business initiation process which includes planning the space and interior layout, selecting appropriate machinery, laying out equipment, and finalising the menu & recipes as well as training of bakery staff. According to the resource and financial capabilities, and the market type of the client, AB Mauri proposes methodologies to optimise bakery operations. For example, the Technical Application team works closely with the staff of the establishment for several months, providing them with on-the-job training until they reach the level and standards demanded by the industry. The team also assists in promotional and marketing activities that help them develop sales volumes and competitive positions.


This service is particularly designed for our clients who purchase and make use of AB Mauri ingredients in the manufacturing of their products. Our team is committed to supporting our clients in resolving technical issues that may arise during day-to-day production operations, swiftly and effectively. Furthermore, the organisation has taken steps to train the sales team to acquire the required technical knowledge that will help them assist clients, with minor difficulties. We also encourage the sales team to be technically competent by obtaining relevant industry qualifications.

Technical Services Troubleshooting
Technical Services

Assistance in Developing New Products

For our clients who would wish to develop a new product, experiment with a new range, or introduce a new variety, the AB Mauri team is readily available to assist them with the required technical knowledge and skills. Our team can demonstrate how the basic product can be made, and introduce the different varieties that carry creative applications.

Technical Consultants

Ruwan Prashantha - Sales Executive

Ruwan Prashantha

Area Sales Executive

Jude Marius - Area Sales Manager

Jude Marius

Area Sales Manager

Ruwandika Bandara - Field Sales Manager

Ruwandika Bandara

Field Sales Manager