About Us


The AB Mauri international group has a heritage that goes back 150 years in yeast and bakery ingredients. The affiliation was established in the year 2004 as a subsidiary of Associated British Foods (ABF) PLC.

AB Mauri was formed by bringing together the yeast and bakery ingredients business of Burns Philp's Australia, which was acquired by ABF, and the pre-existing bakery ingredients business of ABF itself. This amalgamation ensured that AB Mauri was equipped with global expertise, international standards, and economic capabilities that helped them to leap start their business successfully in many countries including Sri Lanka.


About Our Business

Our Operations

AB Mauri has a footprint in 32 countries with selling operations in over 100. It is currently ranked as a successful multinational operation with an impressive turnover of USD 1.6 billion.

Passion for bakery

Our Passion for Bakery

We believe baking is an art. We continuously focus on developing our technical expertise and capabilities to ensure a wide range of bakery applications and innovative solutions are provided to our clients. We follow a holistic, customer-centric approach in our operations. Research and development are one of our key focus areas which are supported by our intimate knowledge of the science of baking. We strive to deliver excellence in our products while mutually growing with our customers, distributors, and other key stakeholders, intending to enrich the bakery industry in Sri Lanka.

Our Values

As a group of committed individuals, we stand by our values at all times.


We strive to reach the highest potential by aiming for high.

We design high-quality, high-level shared goals and targets.

We recognise initiatives and efforts of continuous development.


We believe in unity, teamwork, and synergy.

We promote a diverse work environment and respect cultural differences.

We attempt to build an open and trusting environment with effective communication.


Integrity and honesty are our utmost moral principles.

We strive to achieve the best standards in corporate governance.

We aim to maintain the highest professional conduct at all times.

We hope to achieve our mission by: