Environment Health
and Safety (EHS)

Health and safety at the workplace are one of our key priorities. We strive to administer and implement the necessary occupational health and safety policies and procedures to safeguard our employees, their working environment, and the general public. We strongly believe that all injuries, occupational hazards, and workplace accidents are preventable.

Objectives of Our EHS Policy:

  • Make sure our activities are conducted in such a manner that does not cause any harm to employees, stakeholders, or the community

  • Incorporating EHS activities into the formulation of business strategies and processes

  • Identifying hazard points, and eliminating, minimizing, and controlling the risks associated

  • Educating employees on EHS policies and promoting a culture that enables all employees to practice safety precautions

  • Continually improving EHS systems, procedures, and practices by incorporating the latest standards and techniques

Specific EHS Procedures We Follow:

  • Developing EHS road maps for each facility and department

  • Providing education and training

  • Training employees to conduct their activities in a safe and responsible manner

  • Implementing EHS programs and workshops

  • Recognizing and rewarding positive EHS behaviors

  • EHS processes optimization

  • Implement procedures to handle emergencies

  • Conducting EHS risk assessments in a periodic manner

  • Investigating EHS cases, identifying root causes, and implementing corrective actions

  • Allocating Key Performance Indicators in line with EHS, and monitoring progress

  • Ensure the completion of EHS activities on time

  • Audits and Inspections

  • Conducting internal and external assurance audits to ensure the compliance of AB Mauri EHS policies with regulatory and legislative requirements

  • Conducting regular site inspections involving management, internal auditors and EHS official representatives

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