International Customers
& Suppliers

AB Mauri Lanka currently exports yeast and bakery ingredients (including premixes) to the Maldives. The company has partnered with a designated national distributor with a competent sales team to support the growth of the business. Within a short period, AB Mauri has established a good clientele including hotels, resorts, bakeries, and restaurants. Future expansion plans include exporting to other countries of the region through effective distribution channels.

Supply Chain

AB Mauri works with world-class brands and constantly seeks to supply the highest quality products that meet specific customer needs across the globe. It is our policy that the raw materials used in the manufacturing of our products must be sourced responsibly and carry the highest standards.

Supply Chain

The below raw materials are regularly sourced by us at AB Mauri, in our manufacturing and trading processes.

We believe in developing mutually beneficial international supplier partnerships. We welcome local and international suppliers who can provide the above ingredients, and we request them to submit their details through the form below.

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