Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

AB Mauri believes in making great efforts to be socially accountable to ourselves, our stakeholders, and the public. We constantly develop practices and policies intending to have a positive influence on the world. From sustainable practices to community involvement, our yearly CSR projects have made a positive change in the realms of People, Planet, and Profits.
Water Purification ESG

Setting up a Water Purification System


A water purification system was donated to a school in Arachchikattuwa. Being a rural area consisting of a marginalized community, obtaining pure water for drinking and consumption is a constant challenge in the community. We were able to address the drinking water scarcity issue for about 200 students and staff in the school, and we believe that we contributed to a good cause.

Donating Supplies to Children


The Ladani home is a government-approved charity organization, which gives shelter to destitute and orphan children in the country. The Ladani orphanage in Puttalam has about 31 children whose day-to-day survival depends on donations from the community. We were glad to have donated supplies for their protection.

Donating Supplies

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