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What is the minimum labour requirement of a bakery that utilises two bags of 50kg flour per day?

A minimum of 4 labourers are required to carry out the functions of the bakery.

What is the minimum experience required for a bakery labourer?

If he handles the main work, he should have a minimum of 3 years' experience.

How could you change the attitudes and perceptions of traditional bakers towards new developments and innovation?

By conducting regular meetings with workers, doing demonstrations at their places, and introducing incentive schemes for new developments, the attitudes and perceptions of traditional workers can be changed.

How can the duties be delegated among workers to reach better results while workers take accountability for their jobs?

Workers' professional knowledge can be increased by conducting monthly meetings. Demonstrations can be done at the respective bakeries to ensure product knowledge is enhanced. Further, salary increments and incentive schemes can be designed to motivate workers to develop new products.

FAQ Machine
What is the best combination of the capacity and effectiveness of mixing machines, and ovens suitable for a traditional bakery?

A 40 L mixing machine and a 3 deck oven is the best combination.

What is the most economical baking oven for a traditional bakery, electric or gas?

A gas oven would be more economical and cost effective.

What is the recommended mixing machine for bread making in terms of volume and capacity?

A 40 L planetary mixer with the capacity for 50kg of flour is recommended.

How can contamination occur in the bread-making process due to a lack of proper tools?

It is important to have the correct number of bread racks and pans. If insufficient distance is left between bread pans, the bread tends to underbake which impacts the product's shelf life. It leads to mould growth and spoilage before reaching the estimated product shelf-life. Another source of contamination and spoilage is "frosting" since it is rich in nutrients and comes in contact with many surfaces.

What is the best type of bread pan in terms of the material (metal) of construction?

Aluminum or non-stick pans are the best.

How do you check if leavening agents such as yeast and baking powder are active before using them on the bread mixture?

Baking Powder

Option 1: Use the Chittick apparitor to check the gassing.

Option 2: Bake the product and measure the volume and crumb of the finished product.


The activation of the yeast can be tested. However, it may take a long time.

Option 1: Swab test

Option 2: Check the volume of the baked product, fermenting time and oven spring

How can the volume of cake and bread be increased in a traditional bakery operation?

For cakes:

To increase the volume of cakes, ingredients such as cake improvers and baking powders can be used. Ensure that your baking powders are fresh, free from moisture, fully functional and of the best quality.

Longer creaming time can incorporate air into the cake batter and give lighter cakes.

Cake flours contain less protein, which produces a lighter texture than all purpose flour.

Maintain a consistent temperature while baking for an even rise in cakes.


For breads:

For breads, make sure your yeast is active and well stored once used, as it is moisture and temperature-sensitive. Follow proper kneading techniques for gluten development that would help trap gas produced by yeast.

Bread dough should be proofed at the right temperature and humidity, to promote yeast activity and gas production.

Maintain a consistent temperature while baking for an even rise in breads.

Bread improvers and ingredients such as vital wheat gluten strengthen dough and improve volume.

Longer fermentation can improve flavour and volume.

How can the shelf-life of baked goods be extended?

Calcium Propionate can be used to increase the shelf-life of bread and Sodium Propionate can be used for cakes and confectionery.

How long can Baker's Yeast be kept once opened and how should it be stored?

Once opened, baker's yeast can be kept for 1 to 6 days. It should be stored in an air-tight container.

Does purchasing low-cost ingredients help a bakery?

Not at all. Cheap ingredients will produce a negative impact on the quality of the products. The bakery will only be able to attract the low-spending customer segment.

FAQ Material
FAQ Method
What are the benefits of practicing the "First-In, First-Out" method in a bakery?

The "First-In, First-Out" system helps to maintain the freshness of products. It can also help to reduce the time spent on activity changes.

What actions can be taken if bread doesn't rise to the required level? Is there any product that can be utilised to produce goods with the unrisen dough?

If the dough is still workable but didn't rise as expected, you can reshape it and let it rise again. Sometimes, it just needs more time to develop.

Alternatively, you can repurpose the unrisen dough into other baked goods, such as flatbreads, pizza dough, fried dough, doughnuts, biscuits, or scones.

What are the benefits of using pre-mixes in a bakery instead of recipes made simply from scratch?

Using pre-mixes saves production time and reduces production costs. It can help maintain consistent quality of goods every day. Also, there is no necessity to utilise high-skill level workers.

What are the minimum qualifications and experience required for bakery staff in a hotel?

Bakery staff in a hotel require at least 2 years of experience with the NVQ Level 4 qualification.

Why is it important to maintain a Recipe Wallet and a Recipe Vault?

The recipe wallet allows you to store your recipes in one place and gives easy access. The best and unique recipes can be stored in the recipe vault. The overall quality of the recipes can be maintained through these methods.

How do hotels, cafes, and restaurants maintain the consistent taste and quality of food regardless of high labour turnover?

Strategies that can help you maintain consistency are comprehensive training programs, recipe standardisation, consistent ingredient sourcing, supervision and monitoring, clear kitchen procedures, effective communication, cross-training, documentation and records, taste panels, feedback and employee retention.

What is the expected level of product knowledge from an over-the-counter sales personnel that helps them to improve sales?

Over-the-counter sales personnel should have comprehensive product knowledge, possess the differentiation power of similar products in terms of quality, price and customer requirements, be knowledgeable on the storage, shelf life and handling of the products (butter cake versus gateaux), know the price and weight and be able to cross-sell complimentary products.

Customer service skills, a positive attitude towards learning, ethical sales practices, communication skills and problem-solving skills are equally important.

How do hotels and restaurants organize operations for bulk production, to suit the number of guests?

Careful planning and execution are key.

  • Menu planning: consider dietary preferences, restrictions, and occasions.
  • Determine the quantities and variety of dishes you could offer.
  • Guest count estimation: help determine portion size and ingredient quantities.
  • Recipe scaling: adjust recipes based on the guest count.
  • Ingredient inventory
  • Equipment and space preparation
  • Preparation work
  • Batch cooking and timing
  • Back-up plan
FAQ Machine
What are the key equipment required in a hotel?

There are nearly sixty key pieces of equipment required at a hotel. The different categories are listed below:

  • Ovens
  • Ranges, grills, and ventilation
  • Microwave ovens
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Food prep surfaces
  • Safety equipment
  • Sinks
  • Dishwashers
  • Service ware
What are the recommended types of ovens considering their capacities?

1 deck oven with 3 trays and/or a conventional oven with 6 trays.

Do the machines need to be serviced, if so, how frequently?

The machines need not be serviced regularly. However, if there is any issue or wear and tear, they may have to undergo servicing.

What is the cleaning procedure for mixers, ovens, bread pans, baking trays, and other related utensils?
  • Machines – Daily
  • Bread pans – Weekly
  • Trays - Daily
  • Oven – If there is an issue
  • Mixer – Daily
  • Other utensils such as knives and spoons – Daily
  • Refrigerator – Weekly
What key criteria need to be evaluated when selecting material suppliers?

Product range, reliability, continuous supply, quality standards, price range, and industry reputation will need to be evaluated.

Who should be the key decision maker in selecting a supplier? Is it the Supply Chain Manager or Head Baker?

The Head Bakers, as they are well knowledgeable in different ingredients and the qualities.

What should be the procedure for selecting the best ingredients for operations?

Product range, reliability, continuous supply, quality standards, and price range need to be evaluated.

How can a balance be achieved between the raw material inventory and the demand?

A monthly average of ingredient usage needs to be calculated and provisions need to be kept for an additional 25%.

FAQ Material
FAQ Method
How should the oven temperature be maintained from one product to another? What would be the impact of maintaining the same oven temperature for all the products?

It is always recommended to follow the temperature given in the recipe. By following the same temperature for all products, quality variations may occur.

The internet is flooded with baking recipes. How do I select reliable and effective ones?

By checking the comments and reviews given for recipes, the best ones can be selected.

What’s the best accurate measuring unit for weighing baking ingredients?

The best accurate measuring unit is grams.

FAQ Machine
Are rice cookers and microwave ovens recommended for baking?

No. The proper consistency, texture, flavour and presentation can’t be achieved.

What features need to be considered before purchasing an oven?

An evaluation of the quality standards, price range, and after-sales services need to be done. Checking the previous buyers' comments will give an idea about the seller and product.

How can I select the best icing sugar in the market? What are the selection criteria of a supplier?

It is important to evaluate the range of products, pack sizes, colour, purity, free-flowing properties, instructions in the packaging, expiration date, availability, and quality standards such as SLSI.

What are the benefits of using pre-mixes?

Using pre-mixes allows savings on production time and production costs. It helps maintain a consistent quality of the product every day and requires less skilled labour.

What is meant by a "Kilo Cake"?

It means that the total batter weight is 1kg. The batter is made by the addition of 250g of sugar, butter, eggs, and flour.

Why does the cake leave a lot of oil in the cake pan after unloading?

It is caused by highly curdled butter.

FAQ Material
FAQ Method
Do baking pans have an impact on baking a cake? What are the best types of material (metal) for baking pans?

Yes, the type of baking pan affects baking. The best materials are aluminum and non-stick.

The cake was nice and tall when unloading but it collapsed after some time. What could be the reason?

Under-baking is the reason for a cake to collapse after unloading.

What could be the causes for unrisen bread?

There could be a few reasons such as poor dough development, an insufficient amount of yeast in the recipe, and poor quality flour that produces unrisen bread.

Why does a cake batter curdle and how can it be avoided?

Cakes need to have a stable mixture of water and oil, which is called the emulsion. An emulsion is a uniform mixture where water is held in tiny droplets in an oil-rich batter. If an emulsion is not created properly, it produces curdled batter. Fat can carry only a limited amount of liquid. Fat spreads contain more water than margarine. When the cake batter contains too much liquid, the water tends to release off the fat, producing curdled batter. It is recommended to use margarine instead of fat spread, in cake making.

How to obtain professional knowledge in baking and how to select the best information sources?

Demonstration training is the best way to gather professional baking knowledge and it is the best information source.

Is self-learning sufficient to run a bakery business?

No. To start a successful baking business an individual needs to obtain professional knowledge, skills, and experience from experts in the field.

How do I obtain additional knowledge in baking?

A vast amount of knowledge can be obtained by participating in training and gathering information from trusted sources.

Can cups and spoons be used to accurately measure ingredients in baking?

No. Regular cups and spoons would not provide accurate measurements. Properly calibrated measuring cups, bowls, and spoons are recommended for use. Weighing ingredients with a scale is the most accurate measurement for baking.

FAQ Machine
What features need to be checked before purchasing a mixing machine?

Capacity, type of mixer, speed settings, bowl size and material, safety features, motor power, ease of cleaning, space in the workstation, durability, warranty and after-sales service, brand reputation, noise level, ease of operation, and additional features such as timers, digital controls, energy efficacy, and compatibility with voltage and electrical requirements need to be considered.

Can I simultaneously bake 2 to 3 cake pans on different shelves of the oven?

If the oven has a heat circulation system it is favourable for baking.

How does the oven need to be cleaned after use? Is servicing required?

The oven does not need to be cleaned regularly. Baking products containing meats and vegetables can emit moisture and ordours. Therefore wiping the oven inside once switched off and cooled down is recommended. Depends on the products baked.

Which oven is the best, gas or electric?

Electric ovens are much suitable for home baking.

Why do cakes tend to get burnt even though the right temperature is set?

It can happen when the right baking time is not set or the oven has uneven heat distribution.

What is the best type of weighing scale in terms of accuracy?

A digital scale produces much accurate readings.

What are the benefits of using pre-mixes instead of recipes made simply from scratch?

Using pre-mixes saves production time and reduces production costs. It can help maintain consistent quality of goods every day. It reduces the need for skilled labourers.

How can the best raw material suppliers be selected for the business?

By evaluating the product range, reliability, continuous supply ability, price ranges, and quality standards. It is also important to check if they provide any training. Information can be gathered from the supplier's hotline.

How to make frosting that withstands high temperatures?

Most fats used in baking such as butter, margarine, and vegetable shortening have high melting points which help them withstand heat. Blow-torching whipped cream will help it stay in shape without melting.

How to regain the original nature of an over-whipped cream?

The mixture has to be frozen and mixed again.

Is it beneficial to buy ingredients that are unpacked or unbranded (loose)?

No. Those ingredients will negatively impact the quality of the products. The business will only be able to attract the low-spending customer segment. Lack of product information and poor traceability may lead to difficulty in identifying and addressing any instances of spoilage or food poisoning.

FAQ Material
FAQ Method
How do I price my products?

The pricing should be done considering the raw material costs and overhead costs.

What produces a hard, unrisen cake?

When there are fewer air pockets in the cake batter it tends to be hard, and doesn't rise to the expected level.

What are the causes for hard, unrisen bread?

Too much flour, poor fermentation conditions, low yeast activity, undeveloped gluten can make the dough stiff and dry. Measurements of the ingredients should be accurate and it is important to follow the 4 M's; Man, Machine, Material, and Method.

How long can a home-baked cake be kept at room temperature?

The shelf life of a home-baked cake at room temperature depends on several factors, including the ingredients used, the cake's moisture content, and the environmental conditions. In general, most home-baked cakes can be safely stored at room temperature for 2 to 4 days.